Hope for Humanity

CPHD has inherited its origin from the great humanitarian concept of a great man, Khwazababa Faridpuri, who sacrificed himself to this ideal, for service to humanity irrespective of religion, race, gender and color. Based on the teachings and concept of sacrifice and service CPHD will now cover the key elemental aspects of social welfare with the ultimate objective to create an enlightened, peaceful and prosperous society. The philosophy of this organization emphasizes entirely upon serving, promoting and devoting to the ideology of humanism.

The principal pillars of the foundation are peace and tranquility that promotes this sense of humanism. CPHD – Citizens Programme for Human Development was founded, embedding itself in the field of spiritual economics. The vision of CPHD is to build a prosperous and affluent Bangladesh by uniting and guiding people of all classes towards material well being alongside moral uplift. To this end it has a target to help the ultra poor in order to ensure they change their lifestyle by creating employment and entrepreneurship.

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