CPHD – Citizen’s Program for Human Development is one of those global initiatives which got a strong belief in Global Village concept and thus dedicates towards uplifting the overall life-standards of the global citizens around the world. CPHD has enormous number of connections with around 20,000,000 people here in Bangladesh and other countries around the world. This largest assembly has been coming here from 60 years now. Biswa Zaker Monjil founded by H.E. Hazrat Mawlana Shah Sufi Khwaza Hasmat UllahFaridpuri (QSA) worked to ensure food for the hungry, clothing for the unclothed, shelter for the homeless, treatment for the diseased, employment for the unemployed, equality for the discriminated and especially the empowerment of women by increasing their mobility and assigning diversified roles and responsibilities.

The spiritual movement led by Biswa Zaker Monjil has already broken all the barriers among religions, races, cultures, languages and come to a very strong platform to work in a greater extend besides instituting the spiritual conservatory. With endless diligence now we are here to take such global initiative like ‘Citizen’s Program for Human Development’ that will look after overall human development index as set by the Millennium Development Goals.

In addition CPHD will have its diversified business venture to minimize trade-gaps and generate employment for millions. While Biswa Zaker Monjil is dealing with the spiritual teaching to the global citizens, CPHD will be working as the catalyst to help the existing followers so that they can change their living standards by all means, CPHD will also promote and convey the message of the Great Saint HazratMawlana Shah Sufi Khwaza Hasmat Ullah Faridpuri (QSA) throughout the world to bring in the entire mankind under one umbrella where all and the future generation will live and enjoy a secured and healthy life.

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