Free Internet in Bangladesh

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Free Internet in Bangladesh

free internet in Bangladesh

Free internet in Bangladesh allowing access to the selected websites starting today by, a non-profit group that allows free online browsing through mobile gadgets.

Subscribers of mobile phone operator Robi will enjoy the service through app, an invention of the social media platform Facebook.

Free internet in Bangladesh

offering any Robi user can easily access Facebook  but they cannot upload any image or video, Robi informed.

Free internet in Bangladesh

by would let users view websites for education materials and information on government, health, job, weather, sports, finance and more.

All government sites will gradually come under the project of Free internet in Bangladesh by, an invention of the social media platform Facebook.. was founded on August 21, 2013, to ensure easy access to internet globally. Their slogan is “Everyone of us, everywhere, connected.”

Watch how to use free internet in Bangladesh by on your smartphone:

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