Our health care programme encircles the CPHD hospital, which provides treatment facilities, emergency medical attention, rehabilitation for the disabled, heart surgery, eye surgery and various other forms of treatment and rehabilitation procedures that coincide with the provision of treatment.

We give our utmost to provide adequate treatment for our patients that are admitted to our hospital, nurses are present at all times by the mechanism of shifting hours and local doctors are present on a regular basis also specialized doctors pay weekly visits to the hospital in order to treat special cases. The hospital also promotes the training programme provided to anyone that may feel the need to participate.

This is a voluntary programme targeting the ultra poor that don’t have the adequate communication or the transport facilities to reach the hospital on time; we provide the basic know-how as to how instant medical solutions can be provided for these people.

Throughout the year, awareness-raising programmes are initiated. We provide voluntary campaigns throughout the local villages in order to raise awareness on the manner in which people can lead a safer healthier life style.

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