The vision of CPHD is to build a prosperous and affluent Bangladesh by uniting and guiding people of all classes towards material wellbeing alongside moral uplift. To this end it has a target to help the ultra poor in order to ensure they change their lifestyle by creating employment and entrepreneurship.

Moreover, CPHD aims that providing medication and sanitation facilities as well as educational facilities. CPHD intends to protect low-income individuals from the perils of poverty. At the present time, institutionalization of the informal insurance market in rural Bangladesh is the main project. MHIP – Micro Health Insurance Programme that has been initiated, adopting a provider-driven model to carry out the on-field tasks. This provides health care services from those low-income individuals that are deprived from modernized city centric hospitals or health care facilities. Due to expenses of traveling to the nearest hospitals and covering enormous medical fees, the concept was that the medical consultation facilities would be taken to them.

Other insurance and developmental programmes that will be initiated in the near future include BIS – Burial Assurance Scheme for a righteous Islamic (or any other religion) burial, PIP – Prenatal Insurance Program designed specifically for pregnant woman in need of adequate health care services and regular consultation in order to reduce infant mortality rates in rural Bangladesh, Psychology Counseling and therapy sessions for acid, rape, drug victims, Old Home Scheme for the elderly and DIP – Disaster Insurance Programme as floods and natural disasters occur seasonally and crops and homes need to be insured. There are numerous campaign-based activities from women empowerment campaigns to free food distribution campaigns that take place on a regular basis. From approximately 25 members the developmental project now has over 500,000 members and is growing immensely in numbers and in stature. CPHD is a multi-dimensional developmental project strongly grounded in its ideals so it can be an emblem of hope for Bangladesh and the rest of the world.

All our initiatives have created skills amongst people from all walks of life, who can look forward to economic uplift and self-reliance. It has also created such an economically viable system where there is no prejudice or discrimination. We have developed a culture where people of different religions embrace each other in peace and understandings. Our scheme for educating the poor has created immense social and economic impact.

On behalf of the organization, we encourage you all to join us in this socio-developmental project for the future.

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