CPHD will be the platform where one can have a hands-on practice of the learning that has gained through the traditional education system. This will actually increase the ability of individual to explore his/her knowledge in the practical field.

 Educational and Occupational Exploration

CPHD will cater the career dream of every individual providing them with the opportunity to work in various fields of real-time business fields. It will help one to expedite bridging between one’s education and career goal.

 Leadership development

Through the unique platform of CPHD, you can involve yourself into numerous activities that will increase your leadership quality and as well it will help you to grow your inner potential of an effective team player for any circumstance.

 Entrepreneurship & Decision making

CPHD will offer you to initiate your own entrepreneurship under its umbrella by providing you with the technical and financial support thus you will be able to grow yourself as an entrepreneur and uplift your decision making ability.

 Increased academic engagement

For various purposes of your educational need, you may sometime feel to have a platform that may offer you to work with your academic paper or other research work. CPHD will present you with numerous platform that you can use to accelerate academic activities through proper engagement.

 Improved thinking skills

With the engagement with CPHD, you can uplift your overall thinking ability. Seeing is believing – by involving yourself in diversified activities of CPHD, you will be able to think and see any situation from different perspectives and thus you will see how far your thinking skills and pattern is getting reshaped.

 Improved social behavior

CPHD is working with a very diversified and heterogeneous group of people of different community. By involving yourself with the activities of CPHD, you will learn different culture and aspect of social norms and values that varies from society to society. This multicultural mixture will add values to your overall social behavior.

 Student exposure to new careers

Being a student, you can get the exposure of a real-time development/corporate practitioner by involving yourself with CPHD’s numerous activities. This will help you enormously to get exposure of a professional; eventually it will be advantageous for your future career and professional life.

 Stronger student ties to their communities

You can become the change agent of your society by involving and promote CPHD’s work in your own community or neighborhood. It will strengthen your social bonding and thus enrich your acceptance by your surroundings. It will let you feel proud and finally it will provide you with the comfort that you are an important entity of the society and contributing to uplift the overall living standard of citizens around you in your society.

 Development of civic competencies

All these will intensify your competency to work for the betterment of mankind and help your own people by offering a better healthy life. Civic sense that you will gain through this journey will make you the true leader who will know the societal problems with probable solution; in due course you will also work to solve those problems and contribute to the overall development of the society. Your civic competencies will be an asset for the society and the country as a whole.

 Stronger communities

Change agents like you will make a better community. Don’t consider that it is just one community; at the end of the day, all these changed communities with better living standard will change the country and make it safer, greener and economically solvent.

Free counseling for the depressed

CPHD will focus on those 80% of the students who are suffering from the identity crisis. CPHD believes in you and have full confidence in you. As the core value of CPHD is that a person has the potential to establish him or herself. CPHD is certain about you that if you believe in the organisation, it will definitely help you to find your potential and in that way you will be the guide to help your friends and surroundings and one of the major contribution of CPHD will be through free counseling. CPHD will ensure that you never feel empty potential to contribute for yourself and for the society as it will always welcome you as a proud CPHD member; a volunteer of happiness.

Provision of basic needs

CPHD is making sure that the lower income groups get the maximum benefit for their basic needs from this organisation. CPHD has done enormous campaign like school uniform distribution where more than five thousand school uniforms were distributed. CPHD has distributed more than ten thousand winter clothing among the ultra poor and these campaigns will continue until CPHD makes a affluent and a prosperous Bangladesh.

Health and Nutrition: Feeding of the Ultra Poor

CPHD has done campaigns like free blood grouping, blood donation all over Bangladesh. The Food Program Campaign for the Ultra poor has been done several times through out the country during many events and on weekly basis as well.

Tree Plantation

CPHD wants to see a green and pollution free world. For that reason, CPHD is promoting and creating awareness among people. CPHD has initiated numerous activities and campaign for the Tree Plantation. Whenever CPHD implants tree in any institution or for a person some of the steps are being taken that is where the tree will be implanted(Person/Institution) he/she or the institution will get the 50% of the tree. The person who will maintain the tree will get 30% of it and 10% of the profit will be given to the poor people. The rest of the fund (10%) will remain at the CPHD account for reinvestment. The fruits from the tree would be divided same as above.

Blood Donation

CPHD has started its operation to contribute in the Health Sector by providing support to the ongoing initiatives by many in collecting blood by inspiring its members to donate blood in a regular basis.

CPHD has a target to become the top in donating blood to save lives of hundreds and thousands during emergency.

66 bags of blood were collected where our female members donated 29 bags of blood! Encouraging and a very eventful day at the end! We welcome your voluntary participation in this noble initiative.

Free Feeding Program

The CPHD foundation heavily emphasizes upon the provision of adequate nutrition and food providing programs throughout the year. In these congregations, people from all walks of life are invited to participate in the distribution of food, specifically targeting the ultra poor of the society.

The ideology behind this programme is to provide a stimulus in overcoming the hurdle of hunger and poverty. Throughout the year, food is cultivated, prepared and served to these people in the hope that it will provide individuals an incentive to fight another day against the vicious cycle of poverty. The foundation believes that nutrition and food distribution is an essential component for development, it is the lynchpin behind all developmental processes, hence the level of commitment and effort dedicated towards this programme in particular.

Food is provided in the morning, for lunch and in the evening on a regular basis throughout the year. Food that is provided is nutrition rich and culturally oriented that promotes the sense of identity and encourages consumption of the food. We believe in our fight against hunger, let’s all put ourselves forward before our everyday tasks in order to fight for the good of the people, together we can eradicate this problem.

Health Care

Our health care programme encircles the CPHD hospital, which provides treatment facilities, emergency medical attention, rehabilitation for the disabled, heart surgery, eye surgery and various other forms of treatment and rehabilitation procedures that coincide with the provision of treatment.

We give our utmost to provide adequate treatment for our patients that are admitted to our hospital, nurses are present at all times by the mechanism of shifting hours and local doctors are present on a regular basis also specialized doctors pay weekly visits to the hospital in order to treat special cases. The hospital also promotes the training programme provided to anyone that may feel the need to participate.

This is a voluntary programme targeting the ultra poor that don’t have the adequate communication or the transport facilities to reach the hospital on time; we provide the basic know-how as to how instant medical solutions can be provided for these people.

Throughout the year, awareness-raising programmes are initiated. We provide voluntary campaigns throughout the local villages in order to raise awareness on the manner in which people can lead a safer healthier life style.


The educational sector of the CPHD foundation is a crucial component for the developmental prospect for the millions of people associated with the foundation on the whole. There is a pre-existing Madrasa that provides educational facilities to children, giving Islamic education, teaching children how to use technology, English language teaching, mathematics, geography, history and many more.

The foundation believes that educational facilities and education on the whole is an essential impetus that will allow the scope for development now and for the future. We want our children to be able to lead the country forward in the future in a sophisticated, violent free and intelligent manner.

We provide them different skills and livelihood job seeking training in line with ethical and moral teachings. The goals for the future is to be more expansive in this sector, the foundation targets the children especially, we wish to encourage our children to be more connected with technology and the ability to make good use of it.

Cooperative Agriculture

CPHD is working to bring back the cooperative mode of agriculture with its huge cultivable land while it has its own human resources; still planned to involve the community people to produce and involve themselves in share-cropping modality.

Football Academy

The CPHD Football Academy was launched in the year 2009, it is growing in reputation and the fundamental philosophy of this Football Academy is to unify the children of our country by the means of sporting involvement. Football players that have come through our ranks have participated in the B-League in Bangladesh, National Team in the Under 16s as well as the National Team. Renowned coaches and players all across the country have visited, participated and coached these young children.

The CPHD Football Academy nurtures children from a young age, providing footballing education, food servicing, footwear, adequate clothing and dormitory facilities. The academy currently has been promoted to the First Division of Bangladesh Football, in time we hope to participate in the B-League.

Woman Empowerment

“Courage is like a muscle. We strengthen it with use.” ~Ruth Gordon

The CPHD foundation targets equality of genders, eradication of discrimination and violence against women, as it is a fundamental component for our developmental process of our country and in the world.

There are approximately 4-6 million women affiliated with the CPHD foundation. Over the years are numbers are persistently growing, we strategize, we make people realize and we execute our objectives of equalization of genders and coherently empowering women.

The goals for the foundation targets employing women for work, providing training facilities were their talents can be nurtured and nourished and the foundation also provides these trained women to be able to implement their knowledge and their training in the developmental process of our country. We encourage the women of our country to be more involved.

The foundation provides a stance and give women power to fight against violence, discrimination, domestic violence, mistreatment. We believe by raising awareness and by speaking up together as one this form of discrimination can be eradicated.

Disaster Response

Since its inception CPHD is working as pioneer in the locality to response any disaster. Starting in 1971, it observed devastating flood in 1988 where it took over the sole responsibility to support the local community while it even supported the Government Institution with rice and other commodities from its buffer-stock. CPHD is also building on the same philosophy to provisioning buffer-stock of certain commodities to jump into the moment when there will be any disaster.

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