CPHD School & Vocational Training

CPHD has invested in formation of few schools in Sadarpur, Rangpur, Comilla and Dhaka jointly with the local owners. The owners will take cphd school 3maximum percentage of the profit and the rest of the percent will come to CPHD. The fund will be reinvested in the education sector and some of the funds will be given to the ultra poor. By this initiative more than 500 students being educated and they are getting the mixture of English and Bangla education. CPHD is providing the students with the books that include Mathematics, Bangla, Science, Global Studies, Computing Studies.

Every year CPHD will update the books and the technology so that the quality of the education remains up to the mark. Moreover, the schools are making sure that the students get to do the extra curricular activities so that they are not deprived from the other talents they have.

The schools are not only benefiting the students and the owners but the other local people like van driver, teachers and other staffs and therefore, the employment rate in those areas are increasing. CPHD has included Free Friday Clinic for the students and the local people in those areas.

Along with the schools CPHD has setup the vocational training centers for the betterment of the people. In these centers people are getting expertise in handicrafts and teachers are getting the proper training from the senior professors.

These vocational training centers have made a lot of women independent and made a lot of families employed and self- sufficient.

CPHD Shahina Faisal

CPHD has invested in a clothing line called Shahina Faisal that mainly emphasizes on Abaya. Abaya is the loose dress that covers the body of IMG_0347a Muslim woman. At the beginning of Islam our Prophet Hazrat Mohammad (SAW) said that women should cover themselves to protect them from the society. Hence it is essential to use Abaya in Islam.

Looking fashionable is the most important thing for a woman and Shahina Faisal provides those types of clothing that would look unique and fashionable. At the same time Shahina Faisal keeps up the decency of Islam as it believes that the woman who dresses modestly is a pearl in it’s shell. However, Shahina’s Abaya is a new company associated with CPHD that is going to donate a few percentage of the every purchased good to the ultra poor and as it is growing really fast it is providing employment for a lot of people around the country.

Therefore, this business will make sure that it brings wellbeing and prosperity to the society by reducing the poverty level in Bangladesh.

CPHD Blood Bank

CPHD Blood Bank is an organ of CPHD since 2014 although early work started (Concept to set up) in 2013. The main function of it is to IMG_2131provide blood donation, blood storage, blood grouping and blood providing services 24 hours. CPHD Blood bank has been certified by The National Heart Foundation (NHF) of Bangladesh. Within the scope of CPHD Blood Bank business model, CPHD Blood Bank is a for-profit organization by the poor and for the poor, NOT philanthropy. CPHD Blood Bank will do the five screening reports (for AIDS, Hepatitis B and C, Syphilis, and Malaria) free every time s/he donates blood. Immediately after the donation, the donor will get a donor card and a pocket telephone index. For the ultra poor CPHD will keep the costing and nothing else. The donors and their family will get special discounts and other facilities like free screening, ID cards and certificates. Moreover, they will get a free checkup from the CPHD health care unit. Along with the blood bank CPHD will provide free Friday clinic for the ultra poor.

CPHD Islamic Social Service

CPHD Islamic Social Service is a new social business of CPHD where all the religious services will be provided to the poor and the elite society of Bangladesh. 500 Moulanas and Alems have joined this business including CPHD. This business will include the Azan for the newly born child, Akika, wedding arrangements and wedding cost for the ultra poor. Moreover, this will include the counseling on domestic violence against women and proper divorce system driven by the Islamic sharia law. Islamic Social Service will cover the funeral service as well that will include the proper Islamic rituals for burial and the religious rituals after post burial. Funeral trust has been initiated here to set aside money for future funeral plan and the people can hold their own safe that is CPHD can act as an active fixed deposit holder. By this business 500 moulanas have got employment and the ultra poor people are getting proper service for free because the percentage of the elite social services will be given to them.

CPHD Health Care Center

Health Care Programme that has been initiated by CPHD, adopting a provider-driven model to carry out the on-field tasks. This provides health care services from those low-income individuals that are deprived from modernized city centric hospitals or health care facilities. Due to expenses of traveling to the nearest hospitals and covering enormous medical fees, the concept was that the medical consultation facilities would be taken to them. Prenatal and Postnatal Program has been designed specifically for pregnant woman in need of adequate health care services and regular consultation in order to reduce infant mortality rates in rural Bangladesh. CPHD has already setup two clinics in Sadarpur and Chorbhodrason and in a very near future the organization is going to initiate health care centers all over Bangladesh.

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