“Courage is like a muscle. We strengthen it with use.” ~Ruth Gordon

The CPHD foundation targets equality of genders, eradication of discrimination and violence against women, as it is a fundamental component for our developmental process of our country and in the world.

There are approximately 4-6 million women affiliated with the CPHD foundation. Over the years are numbers are persistently growing, we strategize, we make people realize and we execute our objectives of equalization of genders and coherently empowering women.

The goals for the foundation targets employing women for work, providing training facilities were their talents can be nurtured and nourished and the foundation also provides these trained women to be able to implement their knowledge and their training in the developmental process of our country. We encourage the women of our country to be more involved.

The foundation provides a stance and give women power to fight against violence, discrimination, domestic violence, mistreatment. We believe by raising awareness and by speaking up together as one this form of discrimination can be eradicated.

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